What Most Doctors Won't Tell You About Fibromyalgia and Sleep

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition which impacts the muscles and joints and is found in only 3-6% of the overall population on the planet. It is usually viewed more in females than men using a ratio percent of 9.1 according to the College of Rheumatology and is typically diagnosed in females between the ages of 20-50 though it is been noticed that the beginning occurs in youth. This isn't a life threatening disorder though the level of pain in the illness can change day to day with intervals of flare ups and remission. The illness is being claimed and viewed as non-advancing, but this is a purpose that stays in limbo.

It is a difficult issue which could be a motive to keep someone up at night as the pain may be excruciating with the tightness and aches in the muscles. This drives many who deal with this disease to experience never-ending and long-term sleep disruptions. People who endure fibromyalgia additionally may have problems with memory and other neurological problems, but the most common is the problems with sleeping that people go through when they deal with debilitating, irritating flare ups.

Other problems that encompass this issue, which can make falling asleep quite difficult, are irritable bowel syndrome with constipation, which affects mainly females. Skin conditions such as dermatitis, headaches, facial twitching, and symptomatic hypoglycemia. This situation is exacerbated by stress, excessive physical exercise, insufficient sleep and changes in weather. This state can worsen when people do not sleep or getting the appropriate rest and not overdoing on things in their daily lives.

The American Medical Association had formally recognized fibromyalgia as a health condition back in 1987 when the illness was around since the 1800s. It is been said that flare ups aren't identical to those which are observed in people who have rheumatoid arthritis, but anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen, Advil, Tylenol, and Aleve may bring some comfort to people that have fibromyalgia flare ups.

Massage has additionally been helpful for people who deal with fibromyalgia to find relaxation when they experience flare ups. Massage helps to transfer fluids from the muscles and joints and increases circulation to the affected regions to bring some temporary relief for inflammation and flare ups.

Massage can in fact help enhance sleep for someone in pain, but it is better not to seek massage treatment when you are taking prescription drug because of the possible risk of side effects which may be activated from manipulating muscles and tissues. There are many other fibromyalgia cures that can bring more than just temporary relief and people have in fact cured themselves of the disease using these techniques.

Fibromyalgia can be managed and even cured should you follow your physician's directions and take your medicine as directed, get the correct amount of sleep, get enough gentle exercise and eat a nutritious diet comprising fresh fruits and vegetables. Also helpful is drinking lots of water and restricting items in the diet that may also aggravate flare ups. When you take good care of yourself correctly you can in fact enhance the quality of sleep in addition to reducing the debilitating pain.

Custom Technology For Your Manufacturing Business

Technology is ever-advancing and at such a rapid pace nowadays. Although the economy is in turmoil though getting better, there is still an incentive and a drive to pursue technological advancements.

More and more things are becoming automated. Things such as lab tests, extractions, stirring mechanisms, and the list goes on and on. We have seen this in the simplest of places, like the kitchen. There used to be manual tools and utensils like whisks and spatulas. Now there are advanced tools with interchangeable attachments to provide varying functions. There are chopping, slicing, dicing, stirring, kneading machines that make cooking in the kitchen a much more simplified and convenient thing to do. On a large scale, such as in a commercial kitchen, this is seen at even a larger scale.

Not all of technology is about kitchen advancements. Procedures and processes in the highly-technical fields dealing with chemicals and things have been given an upgrade with technology's advancements as well. For example, metal stirred reactors are of great convenience to manufacturers who would need a product such as this. PDC Machines CSTR reactor is an advancement in technology that can be custom ordered by way of heating system controls. When you can custom order a tool that gets the job done with all considerations for what you will be using it for, that makes it significantly more valuable. Each reactor is a complete system that has multiple process connections, drains, sample tubes, a full agitation assembly, supporting stand, temperature sensor, and other components like the cooling coil. Some elements are expected, but others are optional and can be highly beneficial to the owner of a metal stirred reactor.

So as technology presses onward into the future, know that getting a custom machine to do the work you need done is an option. That is good to know, for as we all know time is of great value. When processes in-house for your business go smoothly then you know that profits to be made are in sight. Quality products, and customized products for that matter, can make this happen more effectively, and reduce unwanted or unnecessary steps.

Engineering Resumes

Top Items On A Resume For Engineers

When someone is looking for engineering employment, they need to be sure that they are including the necessary items on their resume for a potential employer to view. In all fields, this is important. In the engineering field there are certain things that a job candidate must include on their resume for consideration. Here are the 5 top items that need to be on a resume for engineers when they are looking for work.

1. Name, Address, Phone Number And Email Address

The contact information is very important on an engineers resume. They should make sure that it is very readable and correct without any spelling or grammar errors. It should include their name, address, phone number and email address. If they have a fax address or a website, they should include these items also.

2. Where They Went To College

They should list the name of the college and the address on the resume. Since this is very important, they should also put the dates that they attended the school.

3. The Degree That They Received

The engineer should list out the degrees that they have. If they have more than one, they will want to put the most recent one first on the resume. They should include all the degrees that they have received since they have graduated from high school.

4. Any Certificates That They Have Received

They will want to list out any certificates or honors that they have received in the field. This is important because it will make them more worthy of a position. The certifications also show a level of dedication and perseverance that other candidates might not possess.

5. Employment History

The engineer should list out their employment history from the most recent to the past. They will want to include what they have done on their job and their title. Good descriptions will make a huge difference in how they are perceived by the potential employer.

Engineers need to keep looking even if they don’t receive a job offer at first. They need to use determination and dedication to keep searching for the job that the desire. Once they get the job, they should continue to hone their skills so that they can move up in the field whether it is in that particular company or by moving on to another one. The better they improve themselves, the more they are worth to others.

Discover How to Increase Your Earnings with Kindle

Nowadays it seems that everyone feels the best way to make money online is to use Amazon's Kindle store to publish eBooks. Approaching it correctly is the only way to make money via this method, but you can make quite a lot of it if you do. Making money with Kindle eBooks takes much more than just hoping they sell simply because you've made them available through the Kindle store. You need to market your book and make sure people purchase it because it's the only way to turn all your hard work into a profit. So how do you do this? We'll discuss a few methods below, so keep reading!

Your book cover needs to be designed really well. It's true that it's an e-book. Yes, the delivery system is digital. It still needs to have a cover. If you are good with illustration you can try to do this yourself. If you are less artistically inclined, you should contract the services of a professional to create the design for you. The last thing you want to do, though, is try to slap something together using poor quality, free graphics you found online somewhere. When your book has a good, clean and professional cover design, it increases the level of trust your prospects have in it because they will think it must be just as good on the inside as the outside.

A little offline promotion could also work, even if it may seem silly at first. You know enough about something to write an eBook about it. RickLomas.com has some useful information about publishing both Kindle and paperback books.

Why not offer a course on the same subject? The course can be a freebie, which will help increase the popularity of your name. You could also charge a small admission fee to earn a little bit of extra money. Make sure, though, that you discuss other things in your class about your subject. It's the only way to give people a reason to purchase your book when the class is over. A course in an excellent vehicle to promote your projects as well as establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.

Buy some advertising space for your eBook on blogs. Some sites are independent sellers when it comes to advertising space. Then there's Federated Media and Izea, which are advertising portals, and some people prefer to work with them.

You have to check each blog and make sure it pertains to your niche and to the topic, no matter which option you decided to go for. Target your ads as best you can. Once you start selling large numbers of your eBook, you'll be able to recover the cost involved in purchasing ad space.

You have many ways to market your books in the Kindle store. Your creativity is the only thing that can hold you back. Why would you just sit back and hope that people notice you when there are active steps you can take to make that happen?

We've delved into a few promotional ideas in the current article. There are plenty of tactics to help you get people to take notice of your book and even buy it, but you need to do some research and use that imagination.

There are so many different ways to make money online. Amazon Kindle Store for publishing ebooks is terrific for both web businesses and those with offline businesses because what you can accomplish applies to both. Publishing your own eBook or report is a great way to build your reputation and establish yourself as an expert.

Amazon Kindle is not just for those who write novels, and there's non-fiction and business applications as well.

You will not be doing anything new by putting some PLR material into an ebook and selling it. This is something that worked several years ago when Amazon was just getting into the ebook craze. It's definitely something that gets recommended in the Internet Marketing forums, but the problem is that the vast majority of the PLR out there is of the lowest possible quality. Low quality ebooks just don't make it, and this is nothing different from the regular world of publishing.

If you pay attention to books, or buy them, then you will have already seen tons of 3-D art book covers. Avoid all temptation because it's really not necessary and it's more expensive to have done. This is about marketing psychology and the effect of 3D on the buyer. You may find out that people will not buy the book because it's too fancy on the outside - yes. What you'll find out in addition is that your overall price will have to be raised, and that can ruin things for you.

Proofreading your book is extremely important and cannot be ignored, but you need to do it or hire this out. What this person will do is the English type of checks to make sure all is well. This is not an editor doing this and that means the structure of the book and things like that will not be checked. With diligent effort, you can make a good showing, and the important thing is to make sure your book makes good sense as a whole.

Your first effort at Kindle may not be good, but you can always try again. Most offline businesses will not take the time to do this, though. Most businesses want to do brand building, and that is a powerful reason. Remember you are investing in your business, and you need to be dedicated to writing and publishing the book.

Trusted Flat Roof Repair in Dallas

Many residents and building owners chose flat roofs for aesthetics, mimicking the roof styles of Egyptian, Persian and Arabian architecture. However, flat roofs have more functional value than just beauty, which provides more reasons to decide to go for a flat roof. The space in the flat roof, until recently, was either wasted space or just to house electrical and HVAC equipment. However, more and more owners are using their flat roofs for almost anything such as space for storage, sheltered kitchens, gardens, recreation or place for solar panels. Thus, modern design homes and most especially buildings in Dallas are fully utilizing their flat roofs.

Like any ordinary roofing design, a flat roof is also susceptible to water leaks, but it can be spotted for potential problems. You have to check for any cuts, cracks, punctures or tears. Ponding is unwanted standing puddles of water formed by rain, which is a potential problem. Regular ponding or plant growth is a sign for potential flat roof problems. These occurrences are more attributed to poor roofing design and installation.

It is crucial to find the right flat roofing contractor in Dallas. With frequent storms, flat roofs can last for about 10 years, but with the right design and technology, flat roofs could actually withstand against varying weather conditions for 20-30 years. There are methods, specialized tools, products and equipment that work best for flat roofing. Leave it to experienced roofing contractors like Dallas Roofing Consultants.

To give you an idea, the flat roof repair process depends on the type of roofing system you have. Your flat roof may be in any of the four, rubber membrane, asphalt, gravel or bitumen, each with their pros and cons. The type of flat roof repair also varies on the type, climate, house design and environment. Checking for minor details such as rusted nails, cracks, blisters, ventilation slits or tacks and discolorations are also indicators of holes, seepage or rotting. Flat roof quick repairs can be made by adding more roof drains to minimize ponding, cleaning of existing drains to avoid clogging and sealing seams. When these symptoms are not treated quickly, it could intensify to more problems and more costs. Probable issues could lead to insulation or ventilation issues, eventually requiring partial or total roof replacement.

Major flat roof repairs like roof replacement, will ensure that potential issues have a systemic way of remedying common issues. For instance, the common ponding issue can be fixed by installing a built-in sufficient falls to take the standing water away. Dallas Roofing Consultants, equipped with 20 years of Dallas flat roof repair experience, are the professionals you need. They assess your flat roof and identify the scope, breadth and cost of your flat roof repairs. Dallas Roofing Consultants deliver a top-notch service that gives you peace of mind in your homes and in your business.

World Cup Worthy Brazilian Hair

Aside from football, Brazilians have other things to be proud of. Everyone knows about its beautiful beaches and the 98-foot statue of Jesus Christ that serves as Brazil’s trademark. In the fashion industry, several of the popular icons are Brazil natives, including Victoria’s Secret models Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima. These ladies have to stay in the right shape and always have the right look, as required by their profession. Victoria may not have to spill her secret in lingerie and sweet-smelling potions, but she can give a hint why her models always have such perfect hair. Brazilian hair is easily the best looking around the world. This is the reason why it is also known as one of the most sought after in terms of wigs and hair extensions. Brazil definitely deserves the World Cup for the best hair.

Brazilian hair is one of the best materials used in Remy weaving. Remy is the best kind of wig or hair extension because it uses actual human hair with the same maintenance as hair that grows on top of your head. It’s natural, beautiful and very in-demand. Top hairstylists and hair professionals are always out to get the latest Remy wig and hair extension designs.

This type of hair is a popular choice when making virgin Remy wigs. The hair of Brazilians has a thick characteristic, the result of European and Native American ancestors. This quality is most suitable for people of different races. It can be known as the universal type of hair.

Collecting hair is done in rural villages in Brazil. Women with naturally thick hair are paid to grow it long and strong by proper dieting, vitamins, and correct hair nourishing. Since Brazil has a diverse ancestry, the features of this hair type are not always consistent.

A category of hair from Brazil is from an Anglo-European descent. It features a fine texture and has a silky and straight body. This type is usually used in making lace wigs and frontals.

Another category is called “muttalo” and is a descent from the Afro-Caribbean line of the Brazilian people. “Muttalo” is a native term for “curly,” describing its distinct characteristic. This type comes in a hue of black to light brown. The hair quality is very thick, coarse and naturally curly. The curls range from a light body wave to a tremendously tight bangle of curls.

The third type is the most popular kind and has the highest demand on the market. The Grade B type is thicker than the Anglo category but with a natural slight wave on the body. It comes in a variety of colors, from dark brown to light copper. This is the most demanded type because it is highly resistant to the sun. It keeps its style and elegance, even in hot and humid weather.

Brazilian Hair is the best choice if you’re looking for heavy and bouncy hair. This kind of hair sets the standard when you want a natural wavy look. In the right color, texture, weight, and style, this type of hair deserves a winner’s trophy.

Wellness Spas Are Awesome

Do you have any idea about the Massage envy wellness spa? Well if not here are few things to know about the spa, this is a spa whereby people of different walks of life goes to for stress free and relaxing experience, it is situated in a cool and attractive environment, there are a number of services that are offered in the spa by the professional massage therapists.

The services that are offered in the spa includes filling of the massage wellness chart, and this will enable the massage therapist to review with you your medical history, injuries that you might be having, and your general physical condition. More so the massage therapist may inquire the specific reasons for going for the massage, you will also note the areas where you are experiencing pain and you want to be addressed during the massage.

More so the wellness spa offers the wellness program for almost everyone in that many companies, and businesses have found that massage therapy for their personnel helps to improve their productivity, with active minds and also retain the quality of their employees. More so this will help in increasing the morale of the employees in their place of work, there are a number of benefits that the employees will have by using the wellness spa and they include; lowered blood pressure, decrease in absenteeism and also the reduction in stress more so massage therapy helps in building immunity against many diseases.

More so the massage envy wellness spa offers outdoor events for instance offering massage therapy services at your office or at your local event and this program is arranged and facilitated by a manager or a clinic manager, also if the front office desk associates are friendly and will be happy to answer your questions of you have any.

How To Find A Good Plot For Your Self Build House In The UK

Searching for plots to build your house is a daunting task. They are myriads of land for purchase but how do you decide who to approach and what is ideal for you. The plot needs to fit in with your perceived design and location for your desired home. This is why it is important to know how to find a good plot for a self build house in the UK. This all depends on the geographical location and the financial resources you have at your disposal, so a self build in Yorkshire for example will be a different proposition for its owner to one undertaken by custom house builders in Kent.

Identifying the right plot

You will need to know about the availability of plots before they are taken by developers who are keen on good sites. There are two options to select from, land that is already occupied with a permanent structure that is unused or derelict but that can be redeveloped which is 70% of the land or undeveloped land that comprises 30% of the available land. Your next hurdle is to find someone to assist you in finding the land for sale. There are estate agents, auctions, land agents, personal searches, online options, advertisements and replacement builds. Estate agents usually have built properties for sale but they do have land for sale as well. They may not have some land all the time but have great contacts with other real estate practitioners such as developers and investment clients. They would be the first to know of any land available for sale.

Auctions are a good option because the land is cheap and is advertised in local publications. It is prudent to view this land before bidding because it is sold as it is. Land agents are specific to selling land and can inform you whether the building plot has planning permission or not. Personal searches are enquiries made at a personal level about land on offer. This could be the local council or from just driving around searching for “For Sale” signs of land. It also involves enquiring from developers and for land that is vacant or underused. The next option is to go online where you can search through websites and look at several databases. There are pictures which give you a glimpse of what you can get. Most of these are from private sellers who don’t incur a cost of paying to advertise.

Local newspapers and notice boards have advertisements of land sales. You can also place an ad to show your interest in finding land. The final option is replacement build. The land is usually sought after as it is cost effective because it involves demolition of existing structure. The purchase is for the land not the house on it. Other informal options involve networking with friends and asking mobile workers like taxis drivers, hairdressers and mobile gardeners.

What you need to know about finding the plot?

You will need to pick a specific area where you would want to build your house. Look out for planning applications for the land. These are good options for buying and writing to them could open doors to you. You will need to find out what types of planning application has been given. There are two types- the outline planning permission and the detailed planning permission. Outline planning permission is permission on principle for development to take place. The detailed planning permission should be obtained within three years of applying for OPP and has more particulars of the design and other information. In some cases you can change the design that had been applied for in the DPP so this type of land can be an option. Most lands without planning permission are cheaper, but it is wise to buy one with permission. There are options to build in small gardens and in -fills where there is not much land available.

You can save by purchasing replacement builds as they are VAT reclaimable. There are areas where there are strict controls and no new buildings can be put. They also do not allow demolitions and the only option is refurbishment. Lastly it is important to be ready to compromise on the land you find to build on. There are some aspects that might not fall in line with your desires but with a little imagination you can create what you want. There is some land that has the wrong shape, is the wrong size or in an inappropriate neighbourhood or has a rundown structure on it. This can be an opportunity to redesign and fit in with the land.

The Many Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the most common type of relaxing and pain-relief therapies across the globe. Technically, massage therapy involves the manipulation of soft body tissues that includes connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments manually to achieve optimum health and well-being. There is an array of different types of massage therapy methods called as ‘modalities’, the most popular one being the Swedish massage that has gained popularity in the United States and Canada. The massage therapist provides the massage therapy by using long, smooth strokes by kneading or other movements that focuses on posturing layers of muscle. The smoothness achieved for these movements is with the help of a muscle oil or lotion.

When carried out appropriately by a registered masseur, there are tremendous benefits that can be achieved with the help of regular massage therapy treatments. The massage therapy treatments can be broadly divided into achieving relaxation and revitalization, reducing muscle tension and attaining relief from chronic pain. Massage therapy can benefit people of all ages emotionally and physically. It definitely helps people that are injured, ill or stressed, at the same time it has the ability to prevent illnesses and adverse health conditions before they develop into something serious.

The following is a list of benefits that one can attain with the help of a massage therapy done by a skilled massage therapist:-
• Relaxation and rejuvenation
• Helps relieves back, joints and muscle pain
• Aids in treating inflammatory conditions that includes arthritis and tendinitis
• Relieves stress and stress-related conditions
• Treats headaches, migraines, and insomnia
• Helps cure muscle-related conditions such as spasms, strains and sprains
• Benefits in repetitive strain injury
• Helps in treating circulatory and respiratory problems
• Pre and post injury surgical rehabilitation

The above-mentioned benefits are few of the common health benefits that one can achieve from massage therapy. There are many more specific health benefits that cater to particular industries or fields. Sport is one such field that depends highly on massage therapy. Sports injuries and rehabilitation have seen tremendous effects on the same. Studies have revealed that whiplash injuries caused due to road accidents have been cured by regular massage therapy treatment.

Apart from helping in treating illnesses and injuries, massage therapy also plays an important role in health maintenance. It enhances the functioning of the immune system to maintain optimum health. The massage therapy reduces depression and anxiety by helping one lead a stress-free life. However, to achieve the best results out of a massage therapy it is extremely essential to find the perfect massage therapist. One of the qualities that one needs to look for in a therapist is that he/she needs to be intuitive about the needs of the clients without the client actually having to point out the problem area.

A massage therapy is everything that one needs to enhance the overall sense of emotional and physical wellbeing. Regular therapy also helps to improve the quality of life one lives. The busy lives that we lead today cause adverse effects on one’s health and to restore the wellbeing, it is essential to follow massage therapy that is effective at the same time makes the person feel relaxed.

At Peak Health we offer a Massage Calgary service provided by registered therapists that are 2200 hour certified and specialize in deep tissue and therapeutic massage. Contact us for more information.

7 Tips To Help A Business Card Stand Out

With the growing online networks and Internet associations, many businesses have started to neglect the importance of business cards. Business cards are basically a small card that consists of business information and contact details of a company or an individual. Even though they give importance to other promotional materials like brochures, pamphlets, packaging, and so on, they might just get the cards printed from an online website to get them printed by selecting a template and a type of matte or gloss paper. The importance of having a business card that stands out are many, but the main reason being that a business card will always be the first impression that one will leave on the client.

business card calgary

Having understood the most important aspect of a business card, here are few tips that one can use to develop a unique, brand-oriented business card that will give one an edge over the others:-

1. Reflect the brand through the card- The business card is no more just about passing on your contact details, it needs to impress the client to contact you. Try to convey the thought and detail behind the brand. Contact details are important, but to reflect the brand is also essential.
2. The card is not an encyclopedia- Traditionally, business cards used to consist of unnecessary information on it that made it look cluttered. Only relevant contact details are important to be printed on the card, not the product categories or products that one is selling.
3. Be creative, not annoying- Use a creative design, metallic finish, add-ons or tiny accessories in sync with one’s brand to stand out from the rest of the cards that the person may have in his/her cardholder. But make sure to do it in limits.
4. Have the backside printed with a quote- With the cheap rates of digital printing, it has become quite cost-effective to have the backside printed with a quote or a testimonial. One can even have different quotes printed on the back of the cards.
5. Include relevant Social Media Links- Many businesses take social media as a way to engage with their customers on a professional and personal level. So, it is best to highlight the social media links on the business card to help gain more prospective customers.
6. Connect the online and offline world- Make the card a bridge between one’s online and offline presence. This can be done by adding a QR code that can be redirected to a web page of the brand.
7. Make it useful for other purposes- Design the business card as a mini-catalog or a brochure that can be useful, but in an intelligent way.

These seven tips can surely make business cards stand out from the rest. The key here is to not over do things and make it creative without cluttering it. Make it an engaging business card for one’s client and also, help them to easily get in touch with the owner of the card.

If you are looking for a business cards Calgary printer then we recommend printshopcalgary.ca.

Studies Identify Mesothelioma Cancer Risks Before And After Diagnosis

Studies out of Italy and the US have pinpointed two sources of mesothelioma cancer risk which many patients may not have been aware of: before diagnosis, it turns out that heredity may play a role, whereas after diagnosis it turns out that the choice of surgery may carry significant risks for surviving the cancer. The first study suggests that patients who have siblings diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer are more likely to contract mesothelioma themselves. Considering that mesothelioma is extremely rare, often takes decades to develop observable symptoms, and is usually not diagnosed until a relatively late stage, understanding this potential early-warning sign may help some patients get earlier treatment.

The second study followed patients who underwent the two most common forms of surgery for pleural mesothelioma cancer. Looking at the relative survival and complication rates of the two surgeries, the researchers noted that patients who opted for the more extreme surgery experienced much higher complication and mortality rates, which may outweigh the advantages of that type of surgery.

Italian Researchers Suggest Genetic Link In Mesothelioma

An Italian study published recently suggests that someone at risk for mesothelioma is more likely to be diagnosed with the cancer if their sibling has contracted the disease. This is particularly true in cases where both siblings had asbestos exposure. Scientists from Rome's Lazio Regional Health Service and Sapienza University, plus industrial disease experts based in Viterbo, collaborated to look through a database which includes 10% of Italy's population. They were hoping to find familial clusters of patients with mesothelioma. Among 997 cases recorded in the period from 1980 until 2012, they identified 34 family cases with 13 clusters. These clusters made up 3.4% of the database's recorded cases.

According to their research, clusters most commonly appeared in cases where siblings were affected and parents were not. Seven clusters involved people who had identical occupational asbestos exposure, which is the main known cause of mesothelioma. Three clustered mesothelioma cases were found in people who had either encountered mesothelioma in the surrounding environment or in the same household. For three clusters, there wasn't enough information to say where, or even if, patients had been commonly exposed.

Though there isn't any evidence of a genetic component to most mesothelioma cases, that 3.4% of cases reviewed occurred in communities or families represented a significant enough figure to convince the researchers that a certain genetic predisposition to mesothelioma may exist. However, the existing data isn't sufficient to say what percentage of patients in the Italian study had a genetic predisposition for the cancer. Study Shows Higher Risk In Radical Mesothelioma Cancer Surgery

Also controversial is the question of mesothelioma cancer surgery -- should patients opt for the lung-sparing pleurectomy / decortification (P/D) or the more radical extrapleural pneumonectomy?

Attempting to answer this question, a group of US surgeons reviewed 225 mesothelioma cases and concluded that the more radical surgery had three times the mortality rate and some 10 times the major morbidity rate of the lung-sparing P/D. This has significant implications for patients looking to minimize the risks of often severe mesothelioma treatments. Nevertheless the study authors acknowledge that the more radical surgery may help certain patients survive, and note they did not consider the effect of a cancer center's experience level on success rate of the two surgery types.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this article. This article was written by a third party and its content reflects the views of the third party and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions or of Surviving Mesothelioma or Cancer Monthly.

Effective Automobile Insurance

Accidents take place when you the very least expect it. Shield yourself and you automobile with vehicle insurance! If an accident ought to happen, the least fear is recovering your vehicle back to its initial health condition. The much worse instance situation is the affect it might have on a person's life. Nevertheless, being properly covered will relieve the stress at little. Review the following short article to make some helpful info concerning vehicle insurance:.

Auto insurance policy firms take into account exactly what type of motor vehicle you wish to cover. By enjoying trends and their own encounter, a company may choose to bill you a greater costs. You need to know that sport cars and luxury SUV's normally have the most costly costs. Inform your automobile insurance coverage company regarding security functions on your automobile, such as airbags and automated seatbelt. These tools minimize the expense to your insurance business in an accident. These cost savings are then passed on to you in the form of lower premiums. However if your car insurance coverage company doesn't learn about the security devices, they can't offer you a discount rate. Having a pricey auto or car that is taken into consideration a sports car will certainly frequently increase the rate one pays for auto insurance. If one does not like the noise of that then they should consider getting a various kind of automobile. It will certainly not simply save them insurance coverage money however typically cash off the automobile itself.

Taking the towing option off of your plan will conserve you cash on your premiums. In the case of a crash, towing is generally covered even if you are not paying for the towing option. If you care for your vehicle and understand how you can fix small issues like a puncture, you will never ever need to utilize the towing alternative and can save yourself as much as 30 dollars a year.

Car insurance policies will always ask where your automobile is parked during the night. If you park it in a garage or a personal driveway you will most likely acquire reduced prices compared to if you park it on the road or midtown. The last, inherently supplies additional threat, and hence, greater premiums. If your youngster receives their driver's license and you should obtain insurance policy, make sure to ask if your insurance company provides a good pupil rebate. Your child will be encouraged to keep his grades up in order to keep driving, and you will save money on your month-to-month costs charge.

Ensure that you have the right deductibles on your car insurance when acquiring your policy. Several banks need that you have actually a pointed out quantity for your deductible, so you could not max out. Call your bank prior to getting the insurance policy to make sure they will certainly approve the policy that you purchase. Ideally, the information supplied above will certainly provide you some understanding into automobile insurance. Usage the suggestions that put on you. Bear in mind, crashes can and do take place when you least anticipate them! Safeguard on your own and your automobile with automobile insurance policy. Make sure you have the correct amount of protection. Trip later on with assurance!

Environmental Implications of Using Air Dried Oak Beams

When a home or other structure is constructed using air-dried structural oak beams, the builders and carpenters consider the selection of the lumber their number one priority. Air dried oak beams have been drying for anywhere between 3 to 15 years and have very unique characteristics. When traditional construction methods such as wooden joints and fastening techniques are combined with modern construction methods and materials, the final structure makes a statement the can be both powerful and dramatic, especially when you add into the equation the natural beauty and characteristics of air dried oak beams.

Environmental Issues:

Over the last 40 years, there has been a steady rise in the awareness of sustainable development and concern over environmental issues. The world’s forests stand at the forefront of these issues. Forests are both a provider of oxygen and a carbon sink, which absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This increase in concern has shown favor for the use of green air drying oak beams.

Concern with regards to non-sustainable rates of felling oak trees and other hardwoods eventually led to a United-Nations Conference on Environment and Development called the “Earth Summit.” The conference was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, and it formed the basic principles of sustainable forest management.

We all understand that structural air dried oak beams originate from the forest, and there will always be concern about the environmental effects of harvesting this natural resource. When we investigate the environmental impact of these oak beams, which are the oldest form of current building material still in use today, there are several things to consider, and we must examine their entire life-cycle.

Forest Stewardship Council:

In 1999, every forestry-commissioned-woodland in Scotland, England, and Wales was assessed against the United Kingdom Woodland Assurance Standard. This was performed by an independent auditor recognized by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). As a result, all of the Forestry Commissioned Woodlands now meet the FSC’s requirements.

It is worthy to note that in any case and with few exceptions, oak and other timber felling in the United Kingdom is controlled and requires a felling license issued from the forestry commission. These licenses are only earned if certain conditions such as replanting are met.


When oak trees grow in sustainability managed forests. The energy used is zero. During harvesting, the only energy used comes from the felling equipment and its environmental impact is minimal.


The next phase in the life of oak timber is transport, which involves three stages: Forest to sawmill, sawmill to fabricator, and fabricator to the construction site. When compared to other construction materials such as concrete and steel, timber is relatively light-weight and pieces can be packed tightly together. Energy consumption is not a major concern in this area, and is effected only by the distances between the three locations.

Processing and Certification:

Certification is a procedure by which timber and forestry processing operations are assessed independently against various social, economic, and environmental criteria. These are based on the principles that were laid down in the Rio Declaration. If the processor meets the requirements, they become certified by the FSC. Oak and other timber offered as certified must always be able to be traced back to the forest from which it was cut.

Processing structural oak beams at the sawmill takes two steps, cutting and drying. Seasoned timber uses more energy than green oak during processing because it’s typically cut down to standard sizes, and then either planed or re-cut to its final size. Kiln-dried beams require additional energy to heat the air that circulates around the timber as it dries. However, the impact on the environment is minimal.

Green oak structural beams consume the least amount of energy during processing because they only require a single cutting operation to reach their final size and they dry while in operation.


During assembly, air dried oak beam frames are more labor intensive to work with than softwood or green oak beams, but oak frames don’t have a metal fastener requirement, and they can be secured using wooden pegs and joints.


Oak is generally used in its raw state and doesn’t require any preservatives or formaldehyde treatments. Oak is most frequently used without any applied finishes as well. These qualities are very good for the environment.

Framing and Erecting:

When you consider the fact that framing with structural oak beams has been performed by hand for centuries, today’s construction methods requires minimal mechanical assistance; however, heavy-duty commercial grade saws are used on site and cranes can be used for convenience and speed.

While in Use:

Given the durability of air dried oak beams and the fact that they require no finishing treatments, stains, or sealants, they remain virtually maintenance free during their entire service life. The only maintenance involved occurs when the frames are being constructed using green oak structural beams. As movement occurs during drying, the wooden pins need to be pounded in periodically until the wood has lost most of its moisture.


For centuries, timber frames have been broken down, moved, and then reassembled. This was demonstrated when they dismantled the historic Globe Theater on site and then reassembled it on the South Bank of the Thames River. This occurred in London, England, in 1599. Additionally, records have shown that

Into the future:

When it comes to the environment assessment, it’s apparent that the use of air dried oak beams in construction is a top scorer on the list. Currently, several environmentally friendly home designs have been evolving and being implemented. These are based on a modern use of green oak frames that incorporate many additional energy-saving features.


Oak timber is accepted as a good choice for use as a construction material by environmental standards, and it remains the only renewable construction material resource on the planet.

Use in Landscaping:

Due to the durability of oak beams and lack of chemical treatments, air dried oak beams are an excellent material for use in landscape construction projects; they’re ideal for building raised flowerbeds, steps, decks, and walkways. Air dried oak is also a great material for carvings and sculptures, and is an outstanding material for use in building tree houses.

When it comes to building materials and sustainability, air dried oak beams are an excellent choice. This is due to the fact that they lock up carbon, require no chemical treatments, have a low embodied energy, and they can be sourced from sustainably-grown forests. For more information on air dried oak beams, take a look here www.greenoakbeams.co.uk.

Creating A Good Dating Profile

mature dating

A cousin of mine was asking my advice on a dating matter recently. He knows that I am an expert in matters of the heart so he felt that I should be his first port of call. He is in his late 50's and recently divorced. He had been married for nearly 30 years so had had very little experience of the dating world before his marriage and indeed any of his knowledge from back then is very out of date in our fast changing world. He really wasn't sure where to begin. He had been on a couple of blind dates arranged by social contacts but they were an absolute disaster and left him feeling very disillusioned. He had read about internet dating but was completely at a loss as to how it all worked.

I explained to him that there were different niches in internet dating and that he had to postion himself in the corrrect sector of the market for his age and interests. Since he was a in his 50s I suggested he looked at dating sites for mature singles. There are lots of these around many of which are parts of very large dating networks. Sites like match, eharmony and maturedating4u and Guardian soulmates are household names and have a solid reputation in the dating arena. I told him it was best to stick to large reputable sites like these and cast his net fairly widely in the mature market place.

I explained to him that he needed to prepare a profile that would tell prospective dates who he was and what he was looking for, being as honest and factual as he could be. Being more specific would not only help him find the right dating site, but also make his dating profile come alive.

I suggested that he created a list of 'must haves' so that he would attract the right sort of mate. Things like attitudes to pets and preferred leisure activities would be cases in point. He has a dog and I know he would be loathe to part with it so a pet lover would be important. I also said that he should try to come up with an unique selling proposition for his profile – what makes him worth dating. In his case perhaps it would be his lovely singing voice that would allow him to serenade the lady of his dreams. He would also need to come up with a snazzy username like 'Croonerboy' that would help identify him. Finally a good photo that would show his features to full advantage. I know that if he follows my tips he will find a suitable mature lady to spend happy moments with.

Type of Investment Properties

The type of investment properties that offer the best cash flow and value appreciation can vary greatly from location to location. The best type of real estate investment is also dependent on the investor and his risk tolerance and experience.

For a first time Ottawa real estate investor the best advice is to start small. Typically, the best type of properties for a first time investor would be a low maintenance town house or apartment condo unit where the condominium corporation looks after most issues such as maintenance. There is a wide variety of Ottawa homes for sale that a beginner real estate investor can take advantage of. One can target areas close to the University of Ottawa, Carleton University or Algonquin College. All of these educational institutions have thousands of students attending and providing a huge demand for inexpensive, low maintenance rental housing.

Targeting government of Canada employees in the central Ottawa neighbourhoods is another great option. These areas offer a variety of new and older condominiums close to offices, banks, entertainment venues, dining and bike routes. As the Ottawa down town core neighbourhoods, the so called business district is home to many government offices the demand for high quality rentals is very high. There is certainly no shortage of Ottawa homes for sale in the central Ottawa neighbourhoods.

One can always look at pre-construction Ottawa condos as a viable investment strategy. Condominiums can be bought before they are actually built. This means they are purchased off the plan by analyzing the builder’s plans, marketing materials and generally a model suite but not an actual unit. Investors can sell their pre-construction condo before it is complete but the most common technique is to wait a few years after the condominium project is completed. Others hold on to the purchased and completed unit and rent it out as in the buy and hold strategy.

ottowa home

Buying pre-construction condos can be profitable in an upward market but it is risky. One can have no idea what the Ottawa real estate market will be like by the time the condo is completed. This factor makes this type of investment very speculative. One word of warning to all would be real estate investors; do not participate in any condo buying hype such as purchase parties, line ups and other marketing techniques. These hyped up selling techniques rely on making the purchase a very emotional and exciting event, which is not what an investor should generally participate in.

Follow a well thought out, predetermined strategy based on solid fundamentals. As a first time investor make sure you have a great, experienced team behind you with a proven track record of advising investors.

Spotting Junk Jewelry From Good Jewelry

Whether it was passed down to you or purchased as a gift, jewelry is something that many of us hold near and dear to our hearts. Protecting this jewelry and making sure you receive top dollar if you sell it are important things to us all. Make sure you use these jewelry tips to approach the topic with the wisdom needed.

To keep pearl jewelry looking like new, store it separately from other jewelry. While many gemstones are hard, pearls are quite soft and can be scratched easily. Try keeping your pearls in their own container with a soft lining. If you really want your pearls with the rest of your jewelry, try placing them in a soft bag first. To make sure your jewelry always looks appropriate, consider the occasion before choosing pieces. If you're at work, it's best to avoid chokers and hoop earrings. Pearls are very versatile, but aren't ideal for a very casual environment. Wearing jewelry ideal for the occasion will keep you from looking out of place.

Avoid letting your jewelry come into contact with chemicals, such as those found in hairspray, lotion, perfume and other products. Some chemicals can stain or otherwise damage precious metals and stones. Porous stones like pearls, opal or turquoise should not be submersed in water for long, either, to prevent damage. If you have pearl jewelry, you can add to their preservation by putting on perfumes and lotions first ,then after they're absorbed into your skin, put your pearls on. Since pearls are porous, these products can be absorbed into the pearl, which can cause it to lose its natural luster. Visit http://www.pearldistributors.com/ to learn more about how to care for pearls and pearl jewelry.

If you have pearl jewelry, you need to make sure that you keep your jewelry away from blow dryers. Blow dryers will quickly pull moisture out of your pearls, which will in turn cause them to become dry and brittle. This will cause them to lose their natural luster and sheen. Invest in a jewelry box. If you keep your jewelry in different compartments of a jewelry box, it will protect your pieces from scratching one another and will slow tarnishing. When storing pearls in your jewelry box, an added measure is to place them in a piece of natural material such as a cotton pouch.


Always spray perfume before you put on your jewelry. The chemicals in perfume are not good for jewelry and can even cloud certain items like pearls. So remember, always spray your perfume before you put on your jewelry. Use extra care when cleaning pearls. Pearls have a soft, organic surface which can be easily scratched or chipped. The surface can be dulled by chemicals or alcohol. You only need to clean pearl jewelry with water and very mild soap. A pearl necklace should be professionally rest-rung about every two years if you wear it frequently.

The tips you have just read in the above article cover a fairly wide range of jewelry-related issues. Make sure you're absorbing and subsequently applying these tips as needed. Jewelry is something we all want to protect, so pay attention to what you've learned about jewelry through this article.

The Five Most Common Faults to Develop on Your iPhone

The iPhone has been the biggest selling smart phone over the past few years. It has long be regarded as the smart phone to have, it's simple to use, and is very well built. Although it is a quality device, it isn't without some common issues though, and sometimes it even needs to sent away for repairs. Many issues can be sorted quite easily, but there are times where even Google and YouTube cannot help you solve your problem. This article will describe five common iPhone faults that cannot be fixed by the average user.

Problem 1 - The Drop

We've all done it at some time, dropped our phone. Despite the iPhone being constructed with good materials, Apple still cannot make it indestructible. One of the most common problems is with the front glass shattering. The phone still works, but vision is greatly impaired. The fix for this is a new screen, and this is quite a tricky task to accomplish. A new screen is not necessarily expensive, but fitting it is quite awkward and even the replacement screen does not guarantee success if you fit it yourself.

Problem 2 - Battery Power

Some iPhones can have battery issues, where the phone's battery drains very quickly. There are various software workarounds for this, and many times these help a great deal to preserve battery life. However, if even these do not work, chances are a new battery is required. Unfortunately, installing a new battery is not a simple process as the phone needs to be taken apart to take out the old one and insert a new one.

Problem 3 - Sound Defects

Another big problem that can occur with your iPhone is with the sound. Sound from the speakers may sound distorted or muffled (or not work at all). You can locate the speaker yourself and see if there is any debris in the speaker port and clear any blockage. More often than not, this is the issue, but if you are still having problems, your iPhone should be looked at by a pro.

Problem 4 - Black Screen

You go to turn your iPhone on and nothing. The screen remains blank. Hopefully, it just needs charging, so put it on charge for half an hour and try again. If there's still nothing, you can try reseting by connecting it to the USB cable and to your computer and see if that clears the problem. Most of the time, this should clear the problem, but if it doesn't, then there's a deeper issue that would need to be looked at by a pro.

Problem 5 - White Screen

The white screen is another iPhone fault that commonly crops up. Normally resetting the device will clear this issue, but if it doesn't there could be a further hardware problem. The white screen often is a result of a DIY fix of replacing the screen, and once again would need a professional to look at it and repair it.
These iPhone faults are normally relatively simple fixes that the user can sort out themself, but there are occasions where it is necessary for a professional to look at it and correct the problem.

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